Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Wedding Photography

Why is wedding photography so expensive? and is it worth the money? 

Wedding photography has become an important part of any wedding. But nowadays it doesn’t come that easy. It has become a luxury for some weddings and it will cost you a fair amount for a good wedding photographer. Sometimes you might need to cut off costs from catering or food to pay for photography.


There are several things that make wedding photography so expensive. These are some of the reasons coming from a photographer’s point of view. Getting to know these will surely help you comprehend more to the photographer’s psychology of pricing. 

The initial investment of gear

One of the primary reasons why wedding photography is so expensive is the initial investment photographers make. The investment photographers usually make on their gears is a huge amount of money. Camera, lenses, lights and other additional accessories cost a lot. Just having a camera doesn’t/can’t really give you the professional quality you expect. That’s why for delivering the best quality, photographers need higher performing gears. Otherwise, they can’t match up to the standards of professional photography. So, many times the charges for wedding photography depends on the gears a photographer usually uses. 

Quality of work

This is basically the reason for choosing a professional photographer for wedding photography. You can have the gears but the skill and experience won’t be there. Photographers spend years to perfect their skills and gather experience in the field. That experience leads to gaining uniqueness and creativity in their work. And that has value. You can’t replace that with just having a camera in your hand. A more skilful and experienced photographer will surely charge you more money. That’s how it should be in the first place. So, you are basically paying for that value rather than the photographs. 


Wedding photography isn’t just an on the spot work. The post-processing involved in wedding images is critical. Some photographers have their own styles and people choose them for that reason. So, maintaining that style becomes a priority to these photographers. For that purpose, they have to spend hours in front of their computers to get the best output. Editing takes a lot of their time and it’s an integral part of wedding photography. Some may even spend their whole day to capture the true essence of the photographs.



Business expenses 

Professional photography isn’t just about investing once and enjoying the fruits. As a professional photographer, you always have to keep upgrading yourself. To be in the competition it’s necessary to have the latest gears with high quality. And when it comes to the best gears in photography, they cost a lot. Also, photographers need to have the best graphics for your monitor and PC. So, they constantly upgrade their computers as well. There are many things related to the photography field. For example, all the editing software actually cost a lot. Aside from that there are sudden expenses such as a broken lens, broken lights, malfunctioning camera body etc. Accounting all these expenses will probably make the photography charges seem legitimate. 

There are various expenses involved in the field of wedding photography. Photographers need to get to a certain location to cover the wedding. The further the destination more expensive it gets. They have to provide some additional services such as photo albums, pen drives or HDD, compact disks, etc. All these add up to a decent amount of expense. So, when you are hiring a photographer, they are charging you for all these things as well. It’s usually all included in the cost. This eventually leads up to making photography a bit more expensive than usual. 

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